Published Vols

The Oxford Francis Bacon aims to produce a new 16-volume critical edition of the works of Francis Bacon (1561-1626), in the original spelling, edited from the authoritative witnesses after a meticulous analysis of surviving manuscripts, whether authorial or scribal, and the collation of a substantial number of copies of printed books, to identify stop-press corrections. The introductions and commentaries will provide a rich contextualization of Bacon’s wide-ranging works, opening up many new avenues of research. The edition will provide brand-new facing page-translations for the edited texts of the Latin works; and re-integrate Bacon’s work within the study of early modern philosophy, science, historiography, legal thought, and literature.

Published Volumes

So far the following volumes have appeared:

Vol. I: Early Writings to 1596, ed. Alan Stewart.

Vol. IV: The Advancement of Learning, ed. Michael Kiernan.

Vol. VI: Philosophical Studies c.1611–c.1619, ed. †Graham Rees.

Vol. VIII: The Historie of the Raigne of King Henry the Seventh, ed. Michael Kiernan.

Vol. XI: The Instauratio magna, Part II: Novum organum, ed. †Graham Rees with Maria Wakely.

Vol. XII: The Instauratio Magna, Part III: Historia Naturalis and Historia Vitæ, ed. †Graham Rees with Maria Wakely.

Vol. XIII: The Instauratio magna: Last Writings, ed. †Graham Rees.

Vol. XV: Essayes and Counsels, ed. Michael Kiernan.