OFB VI: Philosophical Studies

OFB VIThe Oxford Francis Bacon VI:
Philosophical Studies c.1611–c.1619

Ed. by †Graham Rees

This volume inaugurates a new critical edition of the writings of the great English philosopher and sage Francis Bacon (1561-1626) – the first such complete edition for more than a hundred years. It contains six of Bacon’s Latin scientific works, each accompanied by entirely new facing-page translations which, together with the extensive introduction and commentaries, offer fresh insights into one of the great minds of the early seventeenth century. Volume VI includes Bacon’s speculative writings between c. 1611-c. 1619, including his Phaenomena universiDescriptio globi intellectuali, Thema coeliDe principiis atque originibus.


1 Phænomena universi (1609–11) PhU
2 De fluxu et refluxu maris (c.1611) DFRM
3 Descriptio globi intellectualis (1612) DGI
4 Thema cœli (c.1612) TC
5 De principiis atque originibus (c.1612?) DPAO
6 De vijs mortis (after c.1611) DVM

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The Oxford Francis Bacon VI: Philosophical Studies c.1611–c.1619, ed. by †Graham Rees (Oxford University Press, 1996), pp. 620. ISBN: 978-0-19-812290-6.